Faye Moorhouse’s Whimsical Paintings Of Popular Movie Posters


British artist Faye Moorhouse, has recreated the posters of some much-loved movies in a wonky, whimsical style. Moorhouse's naive art may be simple, but it looks awesome and brings a smile to your face. Her series, called 'Faye's Wonky Movie Poster Show', has been hugely successful and is even being shown at its own exhibition. Talking to Huffington Post about the inspiration behind the series, Moorhouse said…

"I find that most modern movie posters are quite boring, and often use photography?. I wanted to show that illustration could do the job just as well."

Website: Faye Moorhouse Illustration


Faye Moorhouse


Faye Moorhouse



Faye Moorhouse


Faye Moorhouse


We adore Moorhouse's unique artwork! Amazing!

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