Watch The Incredible Detail As This Man Zooms His Camera In On The Moon


Back in days of yore, people used to speculate that there was a man in the moon, but if they'd had a Nikon Coolpix P900 with 83x optical zoom, then they would have known better! We jest, of course, but we really are amazed at the zoom capabilities from a regular point and shoot camera. Nikon advertise that this particular model has special capabilities for photographing the moon, so one owner wanted to try it out. Putting it into video capture mode, he headed out on a clear day, when the moon was visible, and pushed his Nikon to the edge of its zooming capabilities. The results are incredible! When zoomed in to the maximum, you can see every little dip and crater in clear detail. Take a look below and see this impressiveness for yourself!





This is wonderful, and all with a basic Nikon camera! 

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