Nasa Creates Old School Poster Ads For Far Away Planets


NASA has created a series of old-school travel poster ads for far off planets. With the planned mission to colonize Mars, you'd be forgiven for thinking they're real, but NASA isn't expecting anyone to be visiting these planets any time soon. The posters are merely to educate people about exoplanets, and also just for a bit of fun, we imagine! These images come from the project PlanetQuest – Search For Another Earth, and are designed to look similar to old vintage posters and magazine ads for travel destinations. Even if we can't really go and visit any of these planets, the posters sure are cool!

Website: NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau






Now, if you've ever wondered why exoplanets are given such long and boring names, check out this informative and entertaining short video below.




We don't think we'll be putting any of these planets on our holiday wish list quite yet, but the posters are awesome!

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