14 Moms Write Down The Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Done


No matter how much you love them, you can’t deny that kids are a little weird. Cute, but strange as heck none the less. We think their lack of inhibition coupled with the fact that they don’t yet understand the social contract creates a perfect storm of bizarre behavior. So, the people over at the parenting-related comedy show ‘The Pump and Dump’ got audience members to anonymously write down the strangest thing that their child has ever done, and we got let in on the weirdness. From eating dog sick to pooping in places they really shouldn’t be pooping, looking after children really is an exercise in patience. Luckily, at some point you’ll look back at the weirdest and grossest things that the children in your charge have ever done and laugh about it. Certainly makes for a good story, anyway!

Website: The Pump and Dump

Well, nobody ever said that being a parent was easy! Do you have any funny stories from the kids in your life, or from when you were a kid yourself? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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