14 Delicious And Intriguing Desserts That Portray Miniature Worlds – Part 1

Beware, if you’re hungry and have a sweet tooth, you’re about to be left with your mouth watering! Pastry chef Matteo Stucchi from Monza, Italy creates the most delicious looking desserts with a wonderful twist. His yummy treats each behold their own miniature scene, filled with little figurines going about their daily lives. Each is carefully put together in an interesting way. Take a look and let us know what you think of Matteo’s work in the comments section below!
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Carefully applying the final layer…

Being careful not to bruise the berries!

So, that’s how nuts become crushed!

A small net for a big catch!

The smartest strawberries we’ve ever seen…

Rafting through chocolate would be delightful.

The little boy is about to conquer the big ball…

Teamwork is key here!

An eye test with a twist!

We’re really craving some profiteroles now…

Creepy but cool…

We bet the catch of the day was sweet!

These gingerbread men have been naughty!

Applying the final finish… yum!


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