‘Marvel’ Artist Proposes Using A Romantic Series Of Illustrations


There's no right or wrong way to propose to someone. It all depends on what the person who's doing the proposing is like, and what the person who's being proposed to likes or dislikes. For instance, an introvert probably wouldn't want to be proposed to in some big public display. However, some people like to go all out, and that's what William Sliney did when he proposed to his girlfriend, Laura. When Sliney, an illustrator who draws for the comic book giant 'Marvel' decided to pop the question, he thought he'd use his own particular talents to do so. So, he set about writing and illustrating a story about he and Laura, and their time together. Then, at Laura's birthday party he projected the story one illustration at a time up onto a screen. Let's take a look and see how the story goes!
























In case you're left wondering, Laura said yes!

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