These Macaron Burgers And Sugar Cookie Fries Are Too Cute


In honor of National Burger Day (which is on May 28th, if anyone's interested for next time around), one food blogger decided to make a sweet version of this favorite junk food staple. Ashley Rose from Sugar and Cloth, created the most adorable mini dessert that we've ever seen. The star of the show were the macaron burgers, complete with fondant lettuce, icing ketchup and decorative dough cheese. And, if that wasn't enough for you, Ashley also made a portion of sugar cookie fries to go with them, along with a tiny glass of milkshake to wash it all down. If you have a sweet tooth, this must be your dream burger! What's more, if you're feeling ambitious, Ashley posted the recipe for this mini meal up on her blog, so you can give it a go, too!

Website: Sugar and Cloth







These are just too cute for words! We're not sure we've got the skills to make our own version, so we'll just wait here patiently for someone else to make them for us!

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