Kitchen Fails That Are Both Hilarious And Terrifying

It doesn’t matter how talented you are in the kitchen, you’re bound to make a few mistakes! This could be down to ingredients not cooperating, or, maybe you took your eye off the ball for a minute too long. Generally, these blunders aren’t the end of the world. However, they can cause quite a stir! Below we have some examples of kitchen fails that are both hilarious and terrifying. Take a look, you’re bound to feel better about your own disasters!

Alien eggs for breakfast anyone?

Kitchen Fails alien eggs

What is this black sludge monster?

Kitchen Fails black sludge

Cup-cano eruption! 

Kitchen Fails cup volcano

This could give us nightmares… imagine giving this to children! 

Kitchen Fails hedgehog cake

This meat loaf baby is literally terrifying. We don’t know if we could eat it. 

Kitchen Fails meatloaf baby

Well, at least you know that the knife is heat proof and durable! 

Kitchen Fails melting forks

When you ask someone to peel half the potatoes and this is what they do… 

Kitchen Fails peel half potatoes

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No! Not the pizza, how disappointing this would be… 

Kitchen Fails pizza fallen through

We can’t figure out what caused this! What a disaster! 

Kitchen Fails pot in ceiling

We love it how the evidence was left to be found! 

Kitchen Fails sorry honey chopping board

Well, that’s dinner ruined. 

Kitchen Fails spaghetti on fire

Spinach baby? Smurf? What is the reason for this creation?!

Kitchen Fails spinach baby

Spongebob has definitely seen better days… 

Kitchen Fails spongebob cake

These would be perfect for Halloween! Any other time… not so much! 

Kitchen Fails tortured faces