Shinri Tezuka Is Keeping An Old Japanese Tradition Alive By Creating These Realistic Animal Lollipops


It might sound a bit unusual, but making realistic animal lollipops is actually an ancient Japanese tradition. This art form is known as Amezaiku, and dates back to the 8th century, around 1,200 years ago. Not many people practice Amezaiku anymore, as it's a painstaking (and sometimes a literally painful) process. Each lollipop has to be crafted by hand from a mixture of hot sugar syrup, starch and organic coloring. One of the few remaining Amezaiku artists around is 26-year-old Shinri Tezuka, who is helping to bring it back into favor. Each one of his lollipops is gorgeous! They're far too beautiful to eat!
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What amazing creations!

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