Interesting App Ideas That Could Be Pure Genius

If you take a look on your phone’s app store, there’s millions of different things to choose from. Despite this, there’s seems to be a multitude of fantastic ideas that haven’t been made into a reality yet. Here we have a creative list of interesting app ideas that could be pure genius! We hope that some of them will enter development in the near future. Take a look and see which ones you would like to see brought to life!
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Interesting App Ideas That Could Be Pure Genius

The perfect way to unleash your anger with like minded people! 

This would come in unbelievably handy! 

Everyone needs a hug every now and again. 

Whilst this would be helpful, most of us foodies would still eat anyway. 

Why hasn’t this been invented yet?!

This would be fantastic! 

Then the world and the people in it would be a lot easier to figure out. 

This would be so good for helping people to figure out what triggers their bad moods/anger etc. 

How nice it would be to receive random compliments throughout the day! 

For all those times you just can’t put your finger on a song. 

What a wonderful idea for reducing loneliness. 

How to turn a bad situation in to a fun one!

Some people are far too addicted to Facebook! 

All your favorite Disney magic easily accessible in one place. Win!