How Women Really Feel About Their Fake Engagement Rings

For so many, they dream of their perfect engagement ring. Now, some people know exactly what they want and would be devastated to receive anything different whilst others are less bothered by the ring itself. There is some debate and stigma about an engagement ring beholding a diamond. Once again, for some people this is a must, for others they couldn’t care less! Here we have some interesting and differing opinions on how women feel about fake engagement rings. It’s fascinating to read the varying view points that people have on the subject. Take a look!
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Family Heirloom

Oh no, this would be sad for the family to find out. 

Mixed Feelings

It’s hard when you don’t know how to feel. 

Funny Marriage

Sometimes people like to be different! 


A fancy engagement ring isn’t always the most important thing for some people! 

He Doesn’t Know

The stone doesn’t have to be a diamond to be gorgeous. 


No one likes feeling let down. This is a tough one. 

Green Finger

Uh oh! Someone messed up… 

It’s The Thought That Counts

Sometimes the gesture means more than the ring itself. 

Over The Moon

It’s lovely when people couldn’t be happier with their ring! 


No one else’s opinion on YOUR ring matters. Not everyone shares the same values. 

In Love

The price of a ring doesn’t always matter. 


Being misled to believe something can be extremely upsetting. 

Our Marriage Is About Us

We think this is a great idea! 

Walmart Purchase

As long as the couple involved are happy, that’s all that matters! 

Ripped Off

People that sell fake rings as genuine are a disgrace. It’s horrible to be ripped off, but that’s probably easier to deal with than being lied to by your fiance.