These 10 Houses Prove One Person’s Trash Can Be Another’s Treasure


It's amazing what can be recycled if we really put our minds to it. We've all heard about recycling items into furniture and other things for around the house, but what about recycling items and turning them into a house? It might sound a bit mad, but these 10 houses were built using items that others would probably consider to be trash. We're not suggesting you sort through your garbage and build a house right here and now, because obviously there's planning permission to consider and building regulations to follow, but it's amazing what can be reused and recycled!


This house in Argentina was made using plastic bottles.


This cute wooden pallet home cost just $500 to make.


This Utah house is made from an old grain silo.


Glass bottles cemented together make the walls of this stunning home.


Corrugated fiberboard is a cheap waste material which makes excellent walls.


Though not technically livable, this house was made from old egg cartons as part of an art installation.


This tiny French home is made from corn cobs. It cost roughly $8,000 to build and won an award for low-cost sustainable architecture.


This adorable little English home is made from an upturned boat.



This house is constructed out of old beer cans. Better get saving those empties!


This gorgeous modern home is made out of airplane parts.

We love these creative uses for unwanted waste products. Houses like this could be the future!