12 Hilarious Images That Will Have You In Stitches – Part 1


We all need to laugh every now and then to let off some steam. In fact, we think the more often you laugh the better! It certainly improves your mood and it may even have some health benefits to boot! If there’s nobody in your life who’s providing you with enough laughs, you’ll have to go elsewhere to get your fix! We’re always scouring the internet for the most amusing pictures, and we’ve got some prime examples for you! Here are twelve hilarious images that will have you in stitches. Take a look and let us know your favourites. 



It’s worrying when you almost miss ol’ George Dubya. 


Oh yeah, come in and succeed… Not!


This is amazing!


Well, that’s one way to save some cash!


They deserve each other…


To be fair, that puppy’s probably the most intelligent person on Fox News.


This is genius!


It’s amazing what just one night can do!


So long, liver!


The shadow of McDonald’s is always upon us all.


Sounds about right!


Uh, you said there was good news?

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