People Share Their Most Embarrassing Yoga Experiences

Yoga is something that millions of people participate in everyday. Although it can be carried out at home, many people prefer going to classes. One of the great things about going to a class is the fact that there is an instructor to guide you, and some people draw motivation from doing things in a group. However, this can have its downsides. For example, if anything goes wrong, you’ve got an audience! Here we have a list of people sharing their most embarrassing yoga experiences. Take a look!
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Ouch! A broken nose is no laughing matter. How unprofessional! 

Outrageous and unacceptable to be shamed like this! 

Sometimes we just need to let it all out. 

Females that do yoga will know how common this is!

Trying not to laugh is so difficult! 

Some people can fall asleep in any environment! 

Oh goodness! This is mortifying! 

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This is firmly on our list of things that we pray never happens to us! 

Sorry but we think this is quite gross. Shredding skin is nothing to be ashamed of but letting it shed all over a public area that other people will use is not nice. 

We were a little confused by this at first! 

It’s so easy to forget how much we sweat during a work out! 

We’d rather flash our chest by accident than our ‘other’ area! 

Fingers crossed! We feel sorry for the employee that had to do the cleanup.

Interesting! We wonder if this had anything to do with the yoga moves or if it would have happened anyway despite the location?