13 Daters Share What They First Notice In A Potential Partner


When you’re looking for love, things can be tough. If you’re after something serious, you don’t want to waste your time with an unsuitable match, but how can you tell in just one or two short dates if this person is going to be right for you? Well, it’s certainly not an exact science, but everybody has their own methods and things that they notice about people that might signify whether or not they’re going to be the right partner for them. These thirteen folks who have recently been in the dating game have shared what they notice first about a potential significant other. Check it out!



We think this is definitely a good way of weeding out jerks.


Another good indicator of how likely someone is to be a mean person.


You need to be with someone you can trust to follow through with what they say.


If you’re on a date with someone and they’re on their phone half the time, that’s not a good sign for future bliss.


It’s good to know that somebody likes to laugh!


And that they have a good sense of humor.


If someone gives you gross or overly sexual compliments right away, they might not be the best long-term prospect.


You can tell a lot by the way someone greets you.


Some people are just into folks who smell nice!


You need to know your banter is compatible with any potential partner’s.


These are both important things to notice about someone.


It’s nice to have easy conversation with your significant other… not to have it be a chore.


This is one for any neat-freaks out there.

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