Popular Dolls Given A Makeunder And Likened To Inspirational Real-life Women


Toys can inspire both a sense of comfort and meaning for children. However, so many of today's dolls are overly sexualized, with lots of makeup and skimpy clothes. Artist Wendy Tsao was thinking about this issue when she came up with the idea of giving popular dolls a 'make-under' and depicting them as real-life inspirational women. What an amazing idea! Check it out! 
Website: wendytsao


Waris Dirie… Somali model, author and social activist.


Roberta Bondar… first Canadian female astronaut.



Jane Goodall… British primatologist, UN messenger of peace.


Malala Yousafzai… Pakistani activist, youngest Nobel Prize laureate.


JK Rowling… British novelist, known for the Harry Potter series.

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