15 Tiny Houses With Big Personalities You Will Adore


Tiny homes are so adorable. They're also economical and you can fit them in the strangest places, like treehouses can, for instance. As you'll see from this post, tiny houses come in many forms, each one cuter than the next. Check out this collection of famous tiny houses. Many of them are able to be rented. They are all unique, and gorgeous in their own way…


The House That Troy Built (Michigan)


The Crib (Washington)


The Love House (Texas)


The Shoe House (Netherlands)


John Lautner's Chemosphere House (California)


The Hemloft (British Columbia)


Treehouse Tops (Virginia)


Macy's Tiny House (Idaho)


The McCollough (Texas)



The Hobbit Home


The Gingered Swan (Texas)


Christina's Garden (Canada)


Tom's Treehouse (Wisconsin)


Library Heaven (Louisiana)


The Linden (Mobile)

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