18 Creative Ways To Use Old Mason Jars


A mason jar is an everyday household item that simply screams to be 'upcycled'. And there are many, many different things you can use them for. From turning them into a variety of different-styled candles, to using them as vases or storage containers, getting creative with your old mason jars is easy and fun. Read on for 18 excellent examples of how you can reuse your mason jars! 


Make your own mason jar candle. These are easy to do and great for those of us who hate small tea lights.


Turn your mason jars into salt and pepper shakers. Instructions here.

Add ambience easy as pie with DIY instant upside down candle holders made from mason jars. 


Make instant noodle soup in a jar! Instructions here.


Bring your pasta salad to work easily. (Mason jars have the tightest seals!)


Or pack sloppy salads into them.


Why not try pancakes in a mason jar? Instructions.


Create floating candle holders.


Or, if your DIY skills are up to it, make a beautiful mason jar chandelier.


Mason jars are great for outdoor lighting, too.



They make for excellent wall-mounted kitchen storage.


Free up space in your pantry using this simple trick! Instructions here.


Create a cool and different lamp shade out of a mason jar.


Spray paint your jars with a metallic color then use them as awesome vases.


Make a charming bathroom organizer. Instructions here.


Create bespoke party drinking cups!


Make a cool soap dispenser. Instructions here.


Mount your mason jars on the wall and use as vases for fresh flowers. Pretty!