Crazy Things People Did Whilst Under Anesthesia

For various different medical reasons, sometimes we have to be put to sleep. Often this is so that a procedure can be carried out without the patient feeling any pain. This is great, however, some people experience some rather strange things when coming around. Here we have a list of crazy things people did whilst under anesthesia. Some of these occurrences are funny, some are violent/scary whilst others are just plain weird! Take a look!
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We wonder what the ex’s reaction was?!

We all need ice cream in our lives sometimes, age doesn’t matter! 

Sometimes it feels like being born again! 

We bet this ordeal was really scary…

That must have been an interesting sight to behold! 

It must have been nice feeling like you could fly.

It would have been rude not to! 

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Unfortunately, not all experiences are pleasant! 

How mortifying. Hopefully the nurse didn’t realize what was going on. That’s pretty unlikely though! 

We bet this has happened a fair few times! 

We wonder whether the wife found it amusing or became annoyed… 

We all just want to feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day! 

Hopefully she appreciated the effort! 

It’s better to slap yourself than someone else if you ask us!