What Makes This Cathedral Different From Most Is Beautiful


In the north Italian countryside, at the foot of Mount Arera, stands a cathedral that is actually alive. "How?" We hear you ask. Well, it's not as creepy as it sounds; this is a cathedral made from trees. Sure, there are some gorgeous stone cathedrals out there, but once you've seen one, you've pretty much got the idea. An Italian artist, Giuliano Mauri, decided to make a cathedral out of trees, to explore the notion of architecture that is part of nature. The groundwork for the cathedral was laid in 2002 and work was completed in 2010, but sadly Mauri passed away in 2009, so never got to see his vision realized. The trees still have some growing to do, but when they get bigger, they will form two incredible basilicas. Even at this stage, they're extremely impressive!

Website: Giuliano Mauri




This gorgeous tree cathedral really has a magical feel to it and would be an awesome place to visit one day.

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