Meet Bruno The Bear Who Is Traveling The World One Landmark At A Time


A lot of people go on vacation with a friend or a loved one, but not so many people have a bear for a traveling companion. No, not a real bear, that would be dangerous and irresponsible, and you'd never get one through customs! Bruno is, in fact, a teddy bear, but a teddy bear who is much more well-traveled than most others of his kind. In an adorable turn of events, his owner started taking him traveling and taking pictures of him in front of landmarks and other places of interest. Not only are these photos cute, they're also inspiring, because if a stuffed toy can see this much of the world, then why shouldn't you, too?

Website: Bruno The Bear


Witnessing the majesty of the Niagara Falls.


Making his directorial debut in New York.


Experiencing the freezing winter temperatures of Montreal.


Visiting the fashion capital that is Milan.


Riding one of those iconic red double-decker buses in London.



Finding out how democracy works at the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest.


Chilling out on the beach in French Polynesia.


Not a bad life for a soft toy. I think we'll be taking Bruno's lead and trying to travel as much as possible, to see new places and experience new things.

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