Boston Bombing Survivor Runs Marathon With Help Of New Prosthetic Leg


Rebekah Gregory is one brave lady. She lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, and was left fighting for her life following the attack. She had to have 35 operations and her road to recovery was long and arduous. But this year, she defied the odds by participating in the marathon again, running the last 3.5 miles aided by her new prosthetic leg, which she has affectionately named Felicia. Check out these images which convey her amazing story! 

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On April 15th, 2013, Rebekah Gregory was left fighting for her life following the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.

She underwent 35 operations and a leg amputation.


"Two years ago I was lying on the pavement, fighting for my life. One year ago, I was being pushed in a wheelchair across the finish line when we did the 1K tribute." Rebekah, on her Facebook. 


In 2015, Rebekah ran the last 3.5 miles of the Boston Marathon with the help of her prosthetic leg, which she affectionately calls, 'Felicia'.



Her strength is proof the bombers did not achieve their goals.


Rebekah crossing the finish line in 2015.

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