10 Beauty Rules That You Can Definitely Break


When it comes to beautifying ourselves with makeup, potions and products, there's a lot for the average girl to learn! As make up artists and beauty counter girls will severely inform you, there's a whole host of rules you apparently must follow if you want to achieve the perfect 'look'. But, what if you're feeling rebellious? Weren't some rules made to be broken, anyhow? Here's ten beauty rules you should definitely break right now! Go on, you can get away with it! Take a look!


Avoid blue eye shadow, we're told. Break that silly rule, go on, we dare you to look like this…


Space buns are for kids only, apparently. 


You shouldn't wear eye shadow the same hue as your eyes. Whatever!



Don't overdo the lip liner. Or… maybe just go hard!

You should never wear lipstick the same shade as your skin color. Yeah, sure!


False lashes can't be worn in the daytime without looking trashy. Or, can they?

Brows must be obsessively shaped and plucked. Well, you could let them be a bit more natural, like this…


Older women should be conservative. No way! To hell with it, own your look!

Men can't wear makeup. Oh. Yes. They. Can.


Always keep your eye liner thin. Unless you want to look dramatic, like this, that is!

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