One Of The Most Expensive BBQs Available But Totally Worth It


This takes BBQing to a whole new level of awesome! Made from Finnish pine, this 6-sided BBQ ''grillikota'' has enough room for 10 adults to enjoy, so there's plenty of room to make your friends and family mighty jealous! The BBQ hut contains a central charcoal grill so everyone can see what's going on and any smoke made by the BBQ will safely exit through the hood and double flue. This hut is great for serious BBQ lovers as now you don't have to wait for those summer months thanks to the shingled roof and double glazed windows. They keep this BBQ hut nice and toasty even in the coldest of days. To get your hands on one of these for your garden it will set you back $25,000. Totally worth it!

Website: hammacher


bbq hut outside


bbq hut door


bbq hut table


bbq hut roof



bbq hut inside

Website: hammacher