Nikko Creates Awesome Artwork With His IPad


Check out this awesome stage-by-stage run through of the creation of iPad artwork 'Boat Trouble' by Nikolai Lockertsen aka Nikko. As one of the leading iPad artists in the world, Nikko also works as a matte painter, concept artist and art director in TV and movies. In fact 'Boat Trouble' looks like something from a SciFi movie and we really want to know what is going to happen next. Will the monster crush the village? We will leave the fate of the boatman and villagers down to your imagination.

Website: ArtStudyOnline


The planning and sketching stage


Sketching the village and testing the color palette of the image


Positioning the robot and adding depth


Adding a boat and boatman along with foliage and building details in the background



Adding more detail to the robot


Adding detail and depth to the image


Cleaning up the image


Adjusting the color palette and adding a vignette effect


The finished piece looks amazing!

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