This Artist Transforms Kid’s Drawings Into Awesome Monsters

When you’ve got a talent for something, it’s nice to let others enjoy your gift. Artist Aaron Zenz invited kids around the state of Michigan to send him monster designs. Around 3,ooo responses were sent to Aaron’s house. After picking out designs that left him feeling inspired, Aaron got to illustrating some magnificent pieces. Currently, more kids are submitting designs and Aaron adds new creations daily.

Artist Transforms Kid’s Drawings Into Awesome Monsters

It would be cool if the little bug was controlling the animal body!

This creature’s eyes remind us of a painter’s pallet! 

Having a diamond digging into your head must be pretty uncomfortable! 

We do not want to know what this monster’s breath smells like. 

This feather nosed being has an adorable smile! 

We like the inclusion of the googly eyes. Sticking to the inspiration brilliantly!

This little thing could make it big in movies. Or, maybe it’s own TV show. 

We love the mixture of black and red that’s used here. You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this creature! 

This is a true hybrid creation! 

We wonder what the world would look like through one eye… 

This one looks like it’s covered in edible sprinkles! 

A new and awesome Pokemon? We think so. 

We love the rainbow theme used here. And, what a friendly face! 

This artist has nailed how to create endearing, innocent and friendly eyes. 

Website: ArtPrize