This Iron Fish Will Change The Lives Of Those Who Suffer With Iron Deficiency Anemia Worldwide


Iron Deficiency Anemia is a the most common nutritional problem in the world, affecting around 2 billion people. Amazingly, a Canadian doctor, Christopher Charles has created an iron fish which provides 75% of an adults daily recommended intake of iron! This could help save lives around the globe, as often supplements are unavailable or too expensive for many people. The fish is to be boiled for 10 minutes in water or soup, then removed and lemon juice added (which is important for the absorption of the iron). 


In Cambodia, over 2,500 are now using the fish and trials have had a positive result, showing over half of the people whom took part to no longer be anemic after 12 months. What a truly amazing creation! Take a look at the fish in all its glory below.
Website: LuckyIronFish