Amazing Beauty Tricks You Need To Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine


Looking picture perfect 24/7 isn’t easy! For most of us, it usually takes time and effort to make the most of ourselves. However, with these 17 amazing tips you can be confident that you will be looking great in next to no time. With bits and pieces from around the home as well as the contents of your make up bag, you can look your best even if you’re absolutely exhausted! Take a look and let us know in the comments if you have any beauty tips of your own!


This marble effect nail polish looks awesome!

Use dark-colored glue when you apply your lashes so it blends with your eyeliner.

Tea tree oil works like magic on spots and blemishes.

Always ensure your blush begins at least a two-finger widths away from your nose.

Use a spoon to pinpoint the hollows of your cheeks.

Looking tired? Apply your concealer like this and you’ll look like you’ve slept for 8 hours!

Another awesome trick to rid your eyes of that tired look is to highlight the inner corners.

Make your eyes look bigger by using a nude pencil on the water line.


Dry your hair with a cotton tee. It may sound bizarre but tees are more absorbent than towels and get your hair dried faster!

Wear lipstick which is two shades darker than your own natural lips.

Apply lotion immediately after a shower to lock that moisture into your skin!

Mix one part illuminator with two parts foundation to make your skin glow beautifully.

Always make time to do your eyebrows as they frame the face.

Applying lip balm to your cheeks makes your face look naturally dewy.

Always apply your bronzer like this:

Always apply concealer after your foundation.

Place metal spoons in the freezer overnight then put them over your eyes in the morning. No more puffy eyes!

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