Artist Alessandro Diddi Creates Mind-Boggling 3D Drawings That Will Blow You Away


If you think these drawings are really jumping off the page, you'd be sadly mistaken. No, you don't need to go and get your eyes tested, because Alessandro Diddi's incredible drawings really do look three-dimensional. This talented Italian artist has to meticulously plan each image and use careful shading, as well as some paper-cutting, to make these 2D drawings appear as though they're 3D. It truly is an impressive feat and one that not many artists can do as well as Diddi does. Sometimes the artist even interacts with his own images, which only enhances the illusion that these are solid 3D items. Let's check it out!

Website: Alessandro Diddi on Deviant Art














If we didn't know better, we could genuinely believe that some of these images were coming off the page. It's amazing what perspective can do!

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