People Confess What It’s Like To Have A 40 Year Old Pregnant Mom

Having a family is one of the greatest and best things this world has to offer. Babies will always be a blessing, but pregnancy at an older age is something that many people don’t agree with. Strangers will always have their opinions that don’t really matter. But, what is it like for family members to have a 40 year old pregnant mom, or older? Here we have some firsthand confessions. Take a look…

Is having a 40 year old pregnant mom normal or selfish?

  1. Being older than your auntie or uncle is pretty interesting!

2. Having a father figure younger than you just doesn’t seem right!

3. The baby might have a confusing parental background.

4. It may have taken them a long time to grant your wish, but, at last, it’s there! Let’s hope for a very safe delivery.

5. We understand why this is frustrating but what’s done is done, maybe you can try to share each other’s happiness.

6. Sending your family well wishes.

7. This is really sad.

8. This seems like an odd mentality to have at the age of 20!

9. But she did it!

10. It all depends on the parent’s energy levels we guess.

11. There’s really nothing you can do about it. It would probably make your mom feel sad to know you are embarrassed of her.

12. Aww, this is something to consider if you are planning to have kids at an older age. 

13. Stability is a must for bringing a new life into the world!

14. Never feel like you’re an accident. The most important thing to consider is that they loved and took great care of you.

15. Being born from an older mother doesn’t always mean health problems.

16. Sometimes the unplanned things in life are the best.

17. While there are others who endlessly rant about their mom being pregnant in their 40’s, there’s this loving daughter who’ll do anything just to make her mom happy.

18. This is often a burden passed on to people with older parents.

19. Being a 40 year old mum isn’t rare. It may feel embarrassing but it’s not overly strange!

20. This is why you really should know the story behind something before you start judging.