Time Money Saving Cleaning Hacks

15 Super Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money


Are you just plain lazy when it comes to cleaning? But you don't want a dirty house, right? And you can't afford, or don't want a cleaner? Well, this little list of lazy person cleaning hacks is for you! Save time, money, and most importantly, effort with these 15 little tricks of the cleaning trade. Check them out! 


Walking round your kitchen was never so productive with these Swifter Socks. Check them out here.


Some spill-proof bags and ammonia are all you need to clean your elements with ease! Check out how to do it, here.





Wipe down all your household surfaces quickly with dryer sheets to prevent from actually having to dust!


Upgrade your implements to ones that are more efficient. Like this pot, with built-in colander. It means ultimately less dishes for you to clean!


Use old dryer sheets to quickly and efficiently remove marks from mirrors! Why waste time spraying and wiping?


Clean your keyboard like the lazy pro you are! Use a Post It Note!


Save time, water and effort by doing your hand washing of clothes while you're in the shower! Remember to take them off first! 


Don't feel like scrubbing and bleaching? Remove stains from coffee mugs with a simple swish of vinegar. Works on coffee and tea pots, too!





Refresh a room from musty smells by simply slicing a peeled onion in half, and leaving the halves in the room for a couple of days. The onion will absorb all the odor.



Never wash with bar soap, only liquid. Bar soap causes so much more scum to build up in your shower or bathtub.


Tape a dryer sheet to your A/C unit and turn it on to relieve your room from bad smells.


Line your fridge with washable mats to make cleaning it a breeze. Simply remove the mats and wipe them down when they get all icky. 


Place plastic wrap on counter tops to save counter washing time.


Spritz a no-wipe cleaning product all over your shower each day to save on a big clean later.


Never wash dishes again. Use a tortilla instead of a plate!

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