7 Great Tips For Creating The Perfect Voluminous Ponytail


Is your pony tail not quite as full as you would like it to be? Does it fall a bit flat? Luckily, even for those with thin hair, there are ways to spruce up your pony, making it that much more voluminous. So what are you waiting for? Look and feel your best with these seven great ponytail tips! Take a look! 


If you struggle to make a thick pony tail, then try the 'phony tail'. You simply make one pony inside of the other, brilliant!


If you want a stylish pony with a twist, then try this gorgeous half-up do. Be sure to watch the video tutorial carefully to get this right!



This is the best way to create a full-looking pony tail if you have thin hair!

Curls can help create volume, try this look!


A couple of bobby pins can create added height. Wow!


'Backcombing' is a popular way to add volume. Just make sure you have the correct brush and know how to do it correctly. Otherwise, you damage your hair.


With one of these handy hair clips, you can easily, and quickly, create a more voluminous pony!

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