Getting through life day to day can be a struggle. Of course, everyone has their individual problems, some of which are bigger than others, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t small things in life that can be super annoying. Like when your pencil sharpens all wrong or you lose your spoon in a bowl of soup. It’s everyday things like these that seem as though they were pretty much designed to annoy us! So, here are thirteen little annoyances in life that we think you’ll identify with! Check them out!

Wasteful and unnecessary packaging. 

Pull tabs that won’t pull.

Having to pay to print your own tickets at home.

Sticky price labels that won’t come off.

Pencils that sharpen like this.

People who take up multiple parking spaces.

Losing your spoon.

Having to speak to people through glass.

“Easy open” packages.

Chopsticks that don’t break right.

People who do stuff like this.annoying-things-brownies

People who block the intersection.

People who put bags on seats.

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