These Sustainable Recycled Plastic Roads Could Be The Thing Of The Future


A Dutch construction firm, VolkerWessels, has come up with an excellent new idea that could be the future of roads everywhere. At present, the standard material for laying roads is asphalt, but VolkerWessels have decided to use recycled plastic as a road construction material instead. Not only is it more sustainable, it's also able to withstand greater temperature extremes, requires less maintenance and could last around three-times as long before it needs repairing. But that's not all, these roads would also take a fraction of the time to lay, reducing the delays caused by roadworks, and are lighter and easier to lay cables beneath. Sounds like a win all round. This new road surface will be trialed in Rotterdam within the next few years, and after that…? Who knows!
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We believe this is an excellent innovation for the future. Bring on the plastic roads!

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