Meet ‘Nubbins’ The Brave Little Rescue Dog With Only One Working Leg


Placed on the euthanasia list due to being considered un-adoptable, a little 7-month-old puppy lay abandoned in a shelter in LA. Born without any front legs and with only one back leg that worked, who would take her in? Thankfully, one of the volunteers at the shelter did something about it and within a day of the post going up, help was on its way. 


Allyson Wiersma knew within her heart when she saw the poor little pup that she had a safe place for her in her family. She sent an an email right away asking to adopt Nubbins (a reference to the two nubs where her legs didn't form). Little Nubbins is thriving now and on her way to becoming a Certified Therapy Dog so she can spread more love and happiness around her. What a beautiful story!
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