This Is What Happens To Your Body In An Hour After Eating A Big Mac


Although we know that it isn't necessarily good for us, most of us enjoy eating fast food and junk food now and again. Obviously, eating fast food isn't a problem if it's not consistant but in the spirit of full disclosure, you should probably be aware of the effect it has on your body if you're going to be eating it. So, what about that fast food favorite the 'McDonald's Big Mac'? The people over at 'Fast Food Menu Price' created this infographic outlining what happens to your body in the hour following ingestion of a Big Mac. It also might shed some light on why we all like fast food so much, even though we're aware it's bad for our health. You see, evolution has caused us to favor high calorie food, as food was more scare for early humans so eating fatty fast food releases feel good chemicals in your body, which is basically your brain's way of rewarding you for doing something it perceives to be beneficial. But, regardless of what your brain chemistry says, let's take a look at the impact on your body!
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