Ingenious Hiding Places To Keep Your Valuables Safe


We all have those valuable, or top secret, items we want to hide from prying eyes. The typical hiding places, such as underneath the mattress, have been totally played out and are far too obvious to actually use, so what do you do instead? Well, take a look at these 12 ingenious hidden spots which will ensure no one gets their hands on your most important possessions! Let’s just hope that no snoopers or robbers are reading this blog post!

The old classic ones are sometimes the best!

Keep waterproof valuables in the space underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink!

How about this in-door storage? Instructions here.

Spray paint the inside of an old mayonnaise jar and know that your valuable stuff will remain safe in there!

This is an awesome idea. Who would think to look for treasure in a popcorn jar?

This one is so clever that you may run the risk of telling too many people about your hiding place. Probably not a good idea!

What robber is going to want to mess around with old paint cans?

Making a trick tile is a great way to hide your valuable stuff. Just remove a tile from your kitchen or bathroom wall and make a hole in the drywall behind it. Next, attach the tile to a box and place it back in the wall!

Another old classic yet super effective!

Hardly anyone uses VHS cassettes anymore, so your secret stuff will remain untouched inside one!

This is thinking outside of the box, for sure!

No thief would ever think of looking inside your keyboard for your valuables. Take a look here for more details!

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