14 Clear Indicators You Are Not Gordon Ramsay In The Kitchen


Not all of us were born to cook. The Jamie Oliver's and Gordon Ramsay's of this world may make kitchen duty look like a breeze, but some of us find following, even the simplest, recipes a little too much! Let alone when we are let loose with our own ingredients and ideas! The following 14 images show the sorts of cooking situations that are clear indicators of someone, who most definitely failed home economics class, being let loose in the kitchen! Take a look! 


Your children fear your cooking!


You think this is right… when it's so, so wrong!


Your bananas chips don't turn out the way you'd hoped!


Your food fights back!



Your rice is trying to escape!


Your pots look like this!


You want to take pictures with your food but this happens…


You think this is gourmet!



You can't even make nachos!

You put plastic in the oven.


This happens!



Your spaghetti looks like this!


You think you can get away with this!


You fold eggs this way!

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