Hilarious Movie Reviews From People Who Just Didn’t Get It

On the whole, movie reviews are pretty useful. They help you decide on whether or not you might like a film, and if they’re good reviews they generally help the movie to do well, encouraging more people to buy the DVD, or go and see it in the theater. But, then there are your amateur reviewers, on sites such as ‘Amazon’, who seem to leave their cinematic analysis for all the wrong reasons! Here are thirteen hilarious movie reviews from folks who just didn’t get it! Take a look!

‘The Incredibles’, a film about cartoon superheroes that did not have enough gritty realism.

Disney Pixar. via Buzzfeed

The snowman in ‘Frozen’ was structurally unsound.

Disney via Buzzfeed

‘Big Hero 6’… but where were the first five?!

Disney via Buzzfeed

‘Deadpool’ was obviously not worth a watch, due to the music choices in its trailer.

Marvel via Buzzfeed

’50 Shades of Grey’ set up unrealistic expectations… about parking in Seattle!

Universal. via Buzzfeed

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ had a disappointing lack of wolves.

Paramount via Buzzfeed

‘Mad Max’ could have tried harder to live up to his name.

Warner Bros. via Buzzfeed

Apparently, ‘The Martian’ featured too many black scientists for it to be realistic?!

20th Century Fox via Buzzfeed

The ‘Ip Man’ was not actually about IP addresses.

Mandarin Films via Buzzfeed

You could definitely tell what was going to happen in ‘Titanic’.

20th Century Fox via Buzzfeed

The farming practices in ‘Interstellar’ lacked realism!

Warner Bros. via Buzzfeed

‘Cinderella’, you would have thought it was a kids’ movie or something!

Disney via Buzzfeed

‘Air Bud’ could be discouraging for young athletes.

Disney via Buzzfeed

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