Fat Shaming Pregnant Women And The Frustration It Brings

Gaining weight is a natural part of pregnancy because the body has to adjust in order to accommodate the baby. But some people do not understand how a woman’s body drastically changes during the pregnancy process. Or they just don’t like it! Unfortunately, we are living in a period where many societal pressures surround us and we receive hate for not meeting certain standards. Fat shaming pregnant women is unacceptable. Here we have some firsthand accounts from ladies who have experienced it…

You are beautiful. It’s society that is ugly.

Some people just don’t realize how hurtful fat-shaming could be.

Mothers may not always know best.

What an insensitive neighbor that was.

What a horrible husband.

Pregnancy is more than a physical burden. This husband sounds extremely unsupportive and plain nasty! Does he not realize you are carrying his child?!

Learn to shut your ears from people who give disdainful remarks.

There are words that deeply hurt.

Stigma only adds to the emotional burden of pregnancy.

Another boyfriend that needs to rethink his words. What a douche!

Fat shaming pregnant women has to stop.

Having a valid excuse…

Give the love of friendship to only those who deserve it.

Good for you! Well done for walking away from someone who clearly didn’t deserve to have you. Some people are just ridiculous!

I believe there has been a misunderstanding.

Never underestimate a pregnant woman.

Every pregnant woman likes a boost of self-confidence from their partners. Any partner who causes the opposite should be ashamed!

Don’t pay attention to shamers.

That’s the spirit!

Becoming fat only lasts nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever.

Family reunion just ruined the mood.