Eric Lafforgue Photographs This Ethiopian Tribe’s Creative Use Of Trash


We've all heard the saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', but for this Ethiopian tribe, it's quite literally true. The semi-nomadic Dassanech people, who live in Ethiopia's Omo Valley, don't like to let anything go to waste and will collect trash and any other discarded items to turn into jewelry and headdresses. Eric Lafforgue has spent several years photographing these people and has some amazing shots of these elaborate creations. One of the most popular materials to use are old bottle caps, which are easy to acquire from bars in Omorate. On his website, Lafforgue writes,

"The goal is to build something that shines, glistens, and makes noise when they dance. Dassanech children love to dance. They bang on the ground until a cloud of dust builds. Some of these children already wear bottle cap hats. Usually, members of the tribe are eager to sell anything they fashion. However, when it comes to the bottle cap hats, they refuse. They consider them part of their identity now."

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