Creative DIY Ideas Using Wood For Your Home


Are you one of those people who throw out the odd piece of wood you no longer need? Or perhaps you hoard every piece of wood you have in the hope that one day you will find a use for it? Well look no further because here are some creative ways you can put that wood to good use. The best thing about these ideas are they are simple to create and most people can do them without it costing any money. What more do you want for some homemade stylish furniture?


Turn a plank of wood into a stylish wine rack.


Build your own wooden handrail for your stairs.


Use a piece of driftwood and some knobs to hang your jewelry on.


Build your doormat out of old pieces of wood.


Build your own creative coat hanger from wooden planks and tree branches.


Drill holes into a log to make a neat little pencil holder.


Get creative and make your own light shade.



Use some old planks of wood to create your own stylish plant holder.


Tree stumps make great side tables.


Using wooden pallets is a cheap and creative way to make stylish furniture.

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Simple things like painting the bottom of wooden spoons can make a huge difference.


Leather belts and wooden planks make great shelving units.


Make your own 3D artwork with an empty frame and a few branches. Simple yet effective!

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Get some more great ideas from this book: Wooden Pallet Book