This Dog-Owner Turned An Old Side Table Into A Luxury Bed For Their Pooch


When this tiny pooch named Cupcake needed a new place to sleep, her owner wasn’t going to have her sleep on any old dog bed like a commoner. Instead, they utilized an old side table and turned it into a luxury four-poster fit for canine royalty. The results are awesome, but the whole process only requires a very small amount of DIY know-how. Take a look at how it was done. You might even be able to recreate one for your four-legged friend. 

Here’s the table that will eventually become Cupcake’s bed.

The first step was to drill some holes to attach these parts.

These will be the bed’s legs.

Before painting, the table needed to be sanded down. This guy decided to remove the legs to make this easier, but it’s not necessarily essential. 

After the sanding comes the painting. In this case they chose pink…

And white. But, the color choice is up to you.

To make it more special, some accent pieces were painted.

And attached. Looking good!

Some crystal parts were screwed into the top of each post. This is a bed for doggy royalty, after all!

And, it’s done! It looks amazing!

Cupcake seems to like it, too!


This is probably the most luxurious dog bed we’ve ever seen. So cool!