The ‘Coolest Cooler’ Is Probably The Coolest Cooler Of Them All


Check out the 'coolest cooler' that will soon be hitting a store near you! It has so many amazing features that you'll certainly want to consider getting one for fun days out. Take a deep breath because you're about to find out what it has and what makes this cooler stand out from the rest…
With an ice-crushing drinks blender, an awesome speaker with microphone, a USB charger, an LED light and a bottle opener, we reckon the brand new 'Coolest' cooler really is an absolute must-have! Oh and of course not forgetting to mention it has sturdy wheels designed for gliding easily over the beach!

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According to designer Ryan Grepper of Portland, Oregon, the Coolest is a 'portable party disguised as a cooler'. Grepper has managed to raise a whopping $13m on Kickstarter to launch his product and the first shipments are due to be sent out in February 2015.

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?The Coolest prototype measures 25"x18"x17" and holds 60 quarts. It features a waterproof Bluetooth speaker capable of pumping out the beats at awesome volume as well as being able to multi-pair with another nearby Coolest, so you and a friend can co-DJ and enjoy twice the loudness! 


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Just as awesome is the Coolest's 18 volt ice-crushing blender, allowing you to whip up tantalizing treats like cocktails and smoothies wherever you are. The durable machine is capable of powering through six gallons of blended goodness in a single charge. 

You can re-charge your other devices, (as well as the blender) using the Coolest's waterproof USB charger. So if your iPhone goes flat or your camera runs out of juice, it's no problem!

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Other cool features include the LED inside lights (which will come in handy at night time), ties to secure your other picnic or party gear to the top of the cooler, (kind of like a roof rack) and an in-built bottle opener. 

The Coolest also has large thick wheels, great for traipsing down a sandy beach without getting stuck.



It has built-in storage for plates, cutting board and a knife.



The Coolest has a 'split lid' design that allows you to reach into one side to grab drinks or food while keeping your blender ice protected from warm air. You can also use the divider to keep your cocktail ice separate from your regular drinks ice, or you can completely drain one side so it acts as a dry fridge which is perfect for storing sandwiches and other foods. 



The Coolest is available in three colors: green, blue or orange.


In fact the only bad thing about this retro-looking product is that the early bird offers are all sold out!



Watch the video below

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