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How does it work?
Each week a winner is selected at random from our email list, That person is then contacted by one of the Awesome Inventions team via email explaining that they have won and what details we require in order for us to dispatch them their product. It’s as simple as that.

Will i be contacted even if i don’t win?
No, only the winner is contacted, but you can find out who won by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Does Awesome Inventions send me any other emails?
From time to time we will send out sponsored emails of awesome new products that may not be on the site yet, These products may also come at a reduced price only to our email subscribers, so its wise to open every email we send you if you love a bargain! But rest assured these items will ONLY be sent out if we think the product is awesome enough! We will never send you any spam/junk.


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