Awesome Travel Hacks You Need To Know


Who doesn’t love traveling? It expands the mind and is so much fun. Seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing totally different cultures to our own is life enhancing. What isn’t so great is all those travel preparations and packing. Thankfully we have some inexpensive solutions to some problems you might face when going away from home. Take a look and let us know your own travel tips in the comments below!


Don’t worry too much if you forget to pack your charger. Simply attach the cord to the USB in the hotel room TV.

tv charger

Take a look at ‘Foursquare’ to find the WiFi passwords for new places.


Rather than buying expensive bottled water, take an empty bottle through airport security and fill it up at the other side. Remember only to do this in places where the water is safe!

water bottle

Coil your belt inside your shirt collar to keep it from wrinkling.

belts collar

Pack your socks inside your shoes before packing your case.

socks in shoes

Browse for travel tickets in incognito mode so the sites don’t track you and hike up the prices on your next visit.

incognito browsing travel tickets


Keep all your business cards on a key ring.

cards kept together

Attach your earrings to a button to keep them safely together.

earrings on button

Keep your camera safe by storing it in a soap case.

camera in soap case

Keep your bobby pins together by storing them in a Tic-Tac container.

bobby pin dispenser

Place laundry sheets in your case to keep things smelling nice.

laundry sheets suitcase

Roll scarves around a paper towel roll to keep them wrinkle-free and looking great!

rolled up scarves

Slide chains into drinking straws to stop them from tangling.

chain in straw

And finally, protect your razor (and stop any accidents before they happen) by putting a binder clip on top of it.

razor clip

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