12 Awesome Halloween Costumes You Need To See


The days are getting chillier, the nights are drawing in and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. And, we all know what that means… it’s almost time for halloween! Whether you spend the holiday throwing a kickass party, taking in the kids in your life trick or treating or simply staying in with friends and watching scary movies, we’re sure you appreciate a good costume. Some halloween costumes are a little bit tired, like witch or vampire costumes, but sometimes you see something really original, or sometimes a sight twist on an old classic makes it great again. So, check out these thirteen awesome halloween costumes you need to see!



Zombies and Disney princesses are both a bit cliched but mix them together and you’ve got one killer costume!


Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent!


Just a platoon of toy soldiers.

We love this jellyfish costume!


We heartily approve of this tiny Jareth.


You can’t go wrong with grumpy cat.


Oh, look! It’s the (herb and) spice girls!


Check out this gender-bending Betelgeuse.


The real life firefox.


Aww. If Edward Scissorhands had been this tiny and cute, we bet he wouldn’t have been run out of town.


Cruella DeVille is certainly scary enough for halloween.


Mommy skeleton and baby skeleton.

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