These Amazing Paintings Are Created By A 5-Year-Old With Autism


Looking at these beautiful paintings, you'd think it was safe to assume that they were created by a highly-trained professional artist. However, they were actually painted by a 5-year-old little girl with autism, named Iris Grace. Iris' parents encouraged her to paint to help develop skills such as joint attention and turn taking, and to also improve her speech. It wasn't long before they realized that Iris not only immensely enjoyed painting, but that she had a natural affinity for it. Not only does Iris have fans across the globe, she has also had her paintings purchased by art collectors. 

Website: Iris Grace Painting



Iris' tremendous use of color is akin to that of the Impressionism movement, and fans have likened her work to Monet's.



Although many people think of autism as a disability, Iris is proof that it's just a different way of being. Some of the attributes that make Iris an excellent painter, such as her focus and attention to detail, are a direct result of her autism. Speaking about her painting and her condition, Iris' mother Arabella Carter-Johnson said,

"Her art has opened up our eyes to the possibilities in her life and of others on the spectrum – follow their ‘spark’ and wonderful things can happen. I am a great believer in giving as many opportunities to children as you can."

Iris has more talent than a lot of adult painters, and she just five! What a star!

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