Amazing Coincidences Caught At The Perfect Moment

Coincidences and ironic moments occur on a daily basis all over the world. Some of these occurrences are funny, some are shocking and with others, it’s hard to know if they are even real! Whether you believe in fate, chance or luck, you’re sure to find these amazing coincidences caught at the perfect moment interesting. There are some pretty awesome, and pretty unfortunate, incidents to check out. Take a look! 

Bless her face! What a great photo that has captured a great memory. 

When two of your suggested friends have photos that match perfectly!  

Aww, this little creature thought it had found some fellow butterflies…

Thankfully it’s just a cut out! 

A dog gave birth to three puppies. Each had their own corresponding number on their back! 

Ever seen a set of flamingos in flamingo formation before? 

We wouldn’t want to be on that flight! 

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RIP, unfortunate fly. 

This faulty product should probably be removed. It doesn’t advertise the product very well!

A lucky shot or a very unlucky fly?

Four total stranger all dressed in striped shirts! 

The irony in this photo is just brilliant. 

We don’t think that treat would taste the same after resembling a human head! 

When something finally goes right for you…