13 Action Movie Franchises That Fans Can’t Get Enough Of


There is nothing cooler than settling down with popcorn and a soda to watch an action movie. They are exciting, suspenseful and often make you wish that you're own life was as cool. Many are totally unbelievable which just adds to their charm! Think of old favorites like 'Rambo' and 'Rocky' and we're sure you'll have a soft spot for them. Weirdly, they bring out all sorts of emotional responses in us as well as keeping us at the edge of our seats. Action movies, we salute you! Take a look at 13 awesome franchises to sink your teeth into if you haven't already!


IP Man


Police Story


The Legend


Fists of Fury


Under Siege


Missing in Action





The Expendables


Once Upon A Time In China


The Transporter


Blade Trilogy





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